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tel: +420 603 425 156



Bistro and shop selling products from Bohemia and Moravia

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Realizace svateb Orlík

Realisation of weddings

We are an experienced family-run business that has performed many weddings. We have done weddings in the meadow, at the castle or in the barn and have always ensured that our client and their guests receive the very best, 100% quality food and service.

FiremnÍ akce

Company events

You are planning a company party, a party or a celebration. We will be happy to make an unusual catering for you and your guests, which is really tasty and also a pleasant surprise. The catering we prepare for you and your guests is built on the foundations of sustainability.



Barbecues for companies, private parties and weddings. Your guests will take away from our barbecues a complete gastronomic and visual experience.
We grill in a natural, meditational way. We use locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Oslava narozenin

Oslava narozenin

Chystáte narozeninovou oslavu? Budou to kulatiny, důležité životní jubileum, dětská párty nebo chcete jen mile překvapit? Tak to jste na správné adrese! Oslava narozenin, na kterou budou všichni vzpomínat.

rodinná firma Foodin

About us

family company

We work with ingredients from local suppliers

We are an experienced family company that has been offering unconventional catering from local ingredients to corporate and private clients for eight years. We are now opening a local products shop and bistro for our clients at Orlík Castle.

Customers can enjoy a variety of specialties that they cannot find elsewhere. Our offer is very varied, we have a range of quality cheeses, both fresh and aged, prosciutto, sausages and vegetable delicacies. Last but not least, we also offer our own products. We please not only meat lovers, but also vegetarians and vegans.

One of our main goals is high quality service, so you will feel at home with us and our staff in our bistro.

You can find us

At the Czech Historical Monument of ORLÍK CASTLE

Store and Bistro

What you can look forward to

Many pleasant and tasty surprises await you in our bistro

Gelato Italian taste

Ice cream of Czech production

Gelato Italian taste

Delicious Italian ice cream made from natural ingredients without artificial additives, produced in the Czech Republic by Ludmila Abrhám under the supervision of Italian master pastry chef Giuseppe. Puro Gelato is unique for its true respect for nature, great passion for gelato and the desire to work with only the best ingredients.


Wine cellars Kutná Hora


We offer biodynamic wines from a family winery in Kutná Hora. Their wines are natural, enriching the material body and the immaterial spirit. It is pure energy that is not burdened with chemical preparations. In the winery they save not only nature but also our health.

Ready meals and grill

Raw materials from local suppliers

Ready meals and grill

We use only the highest quality ingredients from small local suppliers in the preparation of our ready meals and grill. We have a varied menu for meat lovers, but we do not forget about vegetarians and vegans. Our dishes are tasty and a bit addictive, so we hope you will come back to us.


From Bohemia and Moravia


At Orlík we offer you products from small Czech and Moravian farmers and producers. We have selected only the best quality ones, which we have tried ourselves not only in our catering. Many of the suppliers we have been working with for years have become our friends. Together, we are preparing other new products for you. For example, you can look forward to various special editions of products that you won't find elsewhere.

Gift Packages

unconventional gifts full of flavour 

We prepare gift packages with products from local suppliers from Bohemia and Moravia.

The packages are full of local delicacies, which can be complemented with various other products such as ceramics or cosmetics. We offer them to both corporate and private customers. It is possible to send, but also to buy directly in our shop.

In short


and what we can offer you

  • Shop of local products

    Products from small Czech and Moravian producers.

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    bistro orlík

    Food and drinks made from quality ingredients in a pleasant family environment.

  • foodin catering

    Professional catering with tradition and added value. 

Prodejna lokálních výrobků

Our partners

We are happy to cooperate with

Supporting small local businesses makes sense and adds value



From the company VAC-STAR we have borrowed packing machines and vacuum machines, which we constantly and extensively use for catering. Swiss quality, Czech family company, great products. We have been cooperating since the first day of our business and we cannot praise it enough.

pokladní systém


The most advanced POS system for the catering industry. Storyous is a reliable mobile POS system for small and medium-sized businesses that helps manage business operations.

Zámek Orlík


Orlík is a castle converted into a chateau near the village of Orlík nad Vltavou in the district of Písek in the South Bohemia Region. It is located on a rock promontory above the Vltava River, whose valley is flooded by the water of the Orlické Dam.


We have been working with this family-owned company for some time, as we often consult with them on various packaging materials, which they also supply for our famous gift boxes. They are simply the absolute top of the packing industry. They simply know how to.

Pršutérie Chovaneček


We have been cooperating with Farm Chovaneček Hlinná since the first day of our business and we appreciate them very much. They are sausage specialists in every sense of the word. We pack their products in our gift boxes and host them at various events.

Víné sklepy Kutná Hora


At the beginning of the year, we linked up with a renowned winery that offers biodynamic wine of the highest quality. It's a pleasure to offer, taste and wrap it in our gift packages. When you ever go to Kutná Hora, be sure to stop by their wine bar!

Kinský dal Borgo


A company with a long tradition of honouring the gifts of nature as well as the legacy of its ancestors. It sensitively manages thousands of hectares of forest, ponds and farmland. We source amazing venison (Dane sausage!) from them and often consult extensively.

Questions and Answers

Corporate and private events

Everything you would like to know or ask about the implementation of events in the premises of Bistro Orlík or catering.

We are an experienced catering company for which the first priority is always a satisfied customer. You can find out more about our catering here. Or you can contact us directly at the Bistro.

  • Do you charge for renting space? 

    There is no rent in our premises. We always prepare a tailor-made offer for the customer. In order to know what information we need from you, we recommend you to fill in our form, which you can find here.

  • How big an event can we organize in Bistro Orlík?

    We can do an event for 10 guests and the indoor and outdoor capacity of Bistro Orlík is 100 people.

  • Can we have a children's birthday party at your place?

    Of course, children and families are welcome. For children we can prepare a special children's menu. which will be healthy and appealing for children.

  • Do you offer a program for corporate events?

    Yes, we offer various programs that we can tailor to the client's needs. We can arrange a dating, sports, sightseeing or relaxation program for you.

Short Blog

What we have in store for you

Update on what's happening in our Bistro


Starting from 1 June

Like any beginning, it won't be easy. But we do our best to listen and respond to our customers' needs. Therefore, we will gradually develop our Local Products Centre according to your reactions and demand.

But you can certainly look forward to friendly prices and a perfect experience of local ingredients. In our local products centre you will find a Bistro and a shop where you will be able to buy various types of delicacies, prosciutto, cheese, sausages, wines, etc.

We are aware that sometimes the working week is so busy that you don't have time to prepare anything for dinner on the weekend when you go for a walk. That's why there's nothing easier than solving this problem with us. We will prepare a dinner for you and your loved ones that you can just unpack at home or at the cottage and then enjoy together.

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    Picnic baskets

    We will be offering picnic baskets for visitors to the grounds of the Eagle Chateau. On request we can prepare a basket for children, adults or the whole family. With meat, spreads, vegetables and drinks. We can also offer purely vegetarian or vegan options, all made from local ingredients.

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    Ice cream of Czech production

    We are preparing for you Puro Gelato. Delicious Italian ice cream made from natural ingredients without artificial additives, produced in the Czech Republic by Ludmila Abrhám under the supervision of Italian master confectioner Giuseppe.

  • Illustration

    We won't forget good coffee

    Coffee belongs in a bistro. That's why you will be able to enjoy it here too. We like real espresso, i.e. coffee that is more roasted, in which fullness and bitterness stand out and is not acidic. And that's the kind of coffee we'll have on our menu.

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